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Geraldine's Crossdressing Site

Hello -  I am Geraldine

Welcome to my home page!

On Yahoo I am:

I have blond hair my eyes are blue and I am 5'11" in height and weigh 180 lbs. I live in Louisville Ky., and I enjoy dressing up in women's clothing. 

It all started for me when I was very young and my mother caught me wearing her bras, panties and slips. She did not say anything other than take them off. I knew at that moment with the feel of that material next to my skin that I wanted to dress in women's clothing. 

Now that Geraldine is out of the closet, my wife supports me in dressing up in women's fashion. I love the feel of stockings, corsets slips and especially satin fabrics next to my skin. My wife and I occasionally go out shopping together, and she helps me sometimes with my makeup. She has sewn dresses for me and has taken pictures of me also. I am lucky to have such a understanding wife that supports me 100%. 

I have also started getting into modeling women's fashions and lingerie catalogs for crossdressers. I am currently a model for 2 of them: 

Affordable Fantasies & Illusions Boutique
Affordable Fantasy Crossressing

The Lingerie mall

Please Visit my Boutique

Transgendered Network International - Transgendered and Proud!!!

I am also a hostess for the Transgendered Network
Transfendered Network International

I have my own club at Excite  called
womens satin clothing.

I hope you will come and visit me there.

Please feel free to fe-mail anytime. 
My fe-mail address is


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